Yiayia's Corner

Nourishing Body, Soul, and Planet

Discover the warmth of community and the joy of sustainable dining at Yiayia’s Corner

At Yiayia’s Corner, we bring back the beloved tradition of Greek community dining with daily homemade meals in reusable containers.

Drawing inspiration from Greece’s communal ovens after WW2, we promote unity and sustainability in Brighton.

Dive into Yiayia’s classic recipes, served affordably in partnership with Return Ware’s eco-friendly containers.

Every day we will cook a traditional meal that can be taken away in a Return Ware container from as little as £7 per meal!

Why you’ll love it

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Why We Do It

At Nostos, we believe in the power of community and the responsibility of environmental stewardship. Yiayia’s Corner is our initiative to give back, fostering a space where individuals can come together to share meals, stories, and create lasting bonds, all while promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly dining experience.

Our Motivation

  • To assist our community during the cost-of-living crisis
  • To help our planet by reducing single-use packaging
  • To connect with our past and preserve our traditions
  • To be a purpose-led business that inspires others


  • Sustainable Dining: Meals are served in reusable containers, reducing waste and promoting environmental health.
  • Affordable Pricing: Experience the joy of quality dining without a hefty price tag, with meals offered at nominal prices.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Immerse yourself in the rich Greek tradition of communal dining and storytelling.

How To Join

Simply visit Nostos!

*Delivery service coming soon