Greek restaurant Nostos in Hove celebrated its first year at Holland road in Hove and I couldn’t let this opportunity slip and not tell you all about it… and this is in a nutshell how our Nostos blog started!

Greek restaurant in Hove
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21st August 2020 marked one year for Nostos and what a year it has been! From the early days of setting up the restaurant, the vibes that we received from this vibrant neighbourhood in Hove were so welcoming! People would stop and ask us if this is ‘the new Greek restaurant’ as the rumour has it and their excitement upon answering ‘yes’ was heart-warming! Equal was the excitement upon tasting our dishes and the feedback that we have been getting for the quality of the food couldn’t make us prouder. ‘Selecting fresh, local ingredients is the alfa and the omega in our food philosophy’ says Alexandros Tzimos, Head Chef at Greek restaurant Nostos in Hove. The quality and those ‘tweaked ‘Greek traditional recipes perceived with a pair of fresh eyes! Our signature dish? That’s a tough one! I vote for the Greek moussaka that went vegan.

And then what? Well, then the pandemic came and it was disheartening for the first hour or so when we decided not to switch off our engines and keep going! The restaurant was overnight turned into a Greek pantry while our online e-shop rolled out a week later, following by our debut in food delivery! ‘If you don’t evolve, that is the end right there – Nostos is its people and its customers and it had to evolve’ says Kyri Baxevanis, Managing Director at Nostos Hove.

The government’s announcement to reopen the restaurants found us well prepared taking all the necessary measures to continue serving our food in the safest possible environment –yes the plexiglass panels were this year’s hit! Once again, the love and support that we received was tremendous and taking part to the’ eat out to help out’ scheme was the least we could do to show our gratitude for your support. And by saying the least… we mean it as we have decided to extend it for an extra month this time on us


June 21, 2024

Sharing starters

Pita bread

Mix spreads

Beetroot salad with Greek yogurt, green apple and walnuts


Spinach souffle



Vegan moussaka, served with side salad


Pancetaki, marinated pork belly in oximeli, aubergine puree, feta mousse

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