Anniversary Catering in Brighton & Hove

Cherish the Milestones with Our Greek Anniversary Catering!

Anniversary Party Catering by Nostos

Serving Love, One Greek Dish at a Time!

At Nostos we’re passionate about crafting catering experiences that bring people together. We do that through authentic, delicious Greek food.

We are delighted to offer our award-winning Greek cuisine for your anniversary party. Celebrate your milestones deliciously!

Our offerings range from wholesome vegan choices to enticing canapés, an abundant Greek buffet and three-course meals, each one telling a story of Greek culinary tradition.

Curious to know more? Feel free to explore our menu or reach out to us.

Anniversary Party Platters to satisfy every Guest

Vegan Options

Plenty of Vegan, Vegetarian and Pescatarian options for your guests.

Finger Food

Experience bite-sized bliss with our delightful finger food options.

Custom Cookies

Customized cookies for your guests. Ideas are endless, get inspired!

Our Offer

Our promise

We will bring the warmth of Greek hospitality to your anniversary party, making it a truly memorable experience for all. Let us take care of the culinary details so you can focus on having a great time with your guests!

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Celebrate the Journey of Love with Our Delicious Greek Dishes!